About Physiotheory

Welcome to Physiotheory

Physiotheory is an online education website created to help educate people about the basics of movement and health from the experience of Pieter Van Der Kooij who is a Podiatrist and Physiotherapist. Pieter has travelled around Australia and New Zealand to work and study and with over 10 years of experience has met many people who don’t now where to start with looking after themselves. This included not knowing where to start when it came to seeing a health practitioner, how important daily stretching and self-massage is to allow them to move better outside of their daily lives. 

This was the main driving force behind this website which is to help people get back to the fundamentals of living. Making it cost effective with a one-off payment per year that is less than 1 face to face Physiotherapy or Podiatry appointment and giving subscribers access to not only information but also tools to help improve their daily living. Pieter’s goal is to help people especially when they are injured get access to the right health professionals in their local area but to help people from becoming injured by learning about massage and stretching especially so injuries don’t occur to start with.  

Physiotheory also branches out into education regarding movement for a variety of sports which can be found on the main page. Pieter’s goal is to continue to build these out into different areas of subscriber’s interest. Your feedback is appreciated and if you have any questions you can make an online booking here or contact Pieter.

Thanks for your support.


Our Values

Here at Physiotheory we want to be motivators to help you find your best self, whether that is at the beginning of your journey or you are already on it and you’re looking for new ways to do life. 

We value change

Physiotheory is very much about knowing that one recipe doesn’t work for everyone. This is why we focus on the fundamentals and help you work on small daily habits which include stretching and massage to help you change and grow towards the best version of yourself. For some, this may take weeks and for others, it may be an on-and-off journey that takes years. Whether your change is small or big we like to acknowledge it and in the same way, we hope to grow as a business to reach out and help more people change. 

Future generations

The habits we create as adults in educating the next generation are so valuable. Creating healthy choices and movements is observed by our little ones and in turn, helps them grow into strong educated adults. The basics of stretching and massage and servicing your body will not only benefit you but also our next generation. Physiotheory’s goal is to help grow healthy future generations that continue to research and improve our community’s healthy lifestyles. 

Build community

Community is the fabric that holds our society today. By being active and healthy, especially around the suburbs we live in and with our families, we build healthy bonds that not only benefit us as people but also those who struggle around us. Our goal is to give people the availability of education in their own house so that they can gain confidence to out into their communities for care or events like Parkrun or other social activities. We all need a start and Physiotheory hopes to reach those people that struggle to reach out to health practitioners, family or friends and help them to start moving within their own homes. 

Be my best self

It can be so difficult to build routines in life and keep at them, especially in today’s society. One moment you’re at work or have life sorted and the next you’re in 14 days of lockdown or a crisis event happens in your life breaking your routines. Maybe, you have never had these routines and you’re looking to build them into your life. Physiotheory’s daily stretches and education about moving during the day is focused on helping you have enough energy to get into the hobbies and things you like. Our goal is to give you the basics of being your best self so that you can commit to the bigger activities which may include the gym, ballroom dancing, walking groups, hydrotherapy, cricket, running and so on. 

We make mistakes

Like any organisation along the way, we will make mistakes. We hope that you will help us build through these so we can become bigger, more rounded and better. Not only in business but in life we can make mistakes and that is why “we value change”. We hope that at any point we can help you grow your mistakes into your success because that is how we become better humans. Physiotheory looks forward to helping you start taking the first steps into a better and healthier life.