Frequently asked questions

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions to help you on your fitness journey

Physiotheory has been created and developed by Pieter Van Der Kooij. Pieter graduated from the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand with a B.Sc of Podiatry (2007) and Physiotherapy (2012). The content comes from his studies and travels around New Zealand and Australia since then.

Physiotheory is based online. We don’t have a physical clinic as the goal is to give clients an education about where to start and seeing local practitioners where possible. One of the videos on this website explores Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Osteopathy and Chiropracting and who is best to see and when.

A $50 yearly subscription gives you access to all the content on the website. Physiotheory could charge $50 per program however, the goal is to help families in their entirety. Some people may sign up for cricket and their families will have access to the stretching and massage components. Our main goal here is to help everyone with a holistic approach to health and helping you create health life habit and get a more well-rounded education about your body.

The 7 day free trial gives you access to some of the content to see if you think it will benefit you. It will not give you full access to all the content which is limited to people who subscribe.

Online appointments will always be with a fully qualified Physiotherapist or Podiatrist. If you have problems with any of the content or require guidance on a particular injury or concern, we recommend you make an appointment.