Be proactive about managing your health

How improving movement, stretching and posture can impact your physical health and fitness

Welcome to physiotheory

This introduction runs you through what we are about and where to start.

Modules included in the Physiotheory Membership


- Learn a basic daily stretching program.
- Education that movement is medicine.
- See the changes over 6 weeks.


- Learn about self-massage with massage guns, rollers or cricket balls.
- Massage is the gateway to better mobility.
- Learn how self-massage helps increase your exercise capacity.


- Posture education
- How changing the way you work everyday can change your health
- Simple education about the most common injuries we see and how to prevent them.

Respiratory Health

- Basic education about respiratory disorders
- Chest anatomy
- Basic exercises to help you with your everyday breathing
- Piet’s covid journey

Cricket Injury Prevention

- A Physiotherapy approach to help everyday cricketers prevent injuries
- Easy to understand education about common cricketing injuries
- Easy stretching program
- Easy massaging program

Running & Walking

- Education about running and walking
- Todays shoes and how you need to choose them
- Key stretches people who run and walk to be fit should do
- Why massage is so important to reduce injuries.

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Learn about the current challenges in our private health care sector

  • Become proactive about managing your health.
  • Learn about the various allied health practitioners available for you to see.
  • Be better prepared so that practitioners can help you more effectively.